Whole Family Wellness

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Whole Family Wellness

Research has shown that having pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring joy to their owners. Follow the tips below to ensure that your family and pets remain happy and healthy.

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Demodicosis – Demodex mites

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Hi guys! Floyd here and I wanted to tell you about mine and Dr. Murphy’s friend,  Willie, and his skin condition that he had when he was just a young pup. The disease is called Demodicosis, which is an infestation of the skin with a specific skin mite (Demodex canis). It can make dogs very itchy, as well as cause hair loss, redness of the skin, and secondary infections. Cats can also get a similar disease, but it is usually caused by a different mite (Demodex cati or Demodex gatoi). Good news is, after some treatment and time, Willie is feeling much better now! Continue reading