Mickey’s Chemo Experience

cancer stinks

Hi there,

It’s Mickey Albers-Brooks. I wanted to share with everyone a very special day. It’s my chemotherapy anniversary! I know that doesn’t sound like something to be happy about, but I really didn’t realize I had cancer until Mommy let it slip last week when she was opening my new bottle of Chorambucil. Since then Harry and William have had a lot of questions for me about cancer and chemotherapy so I thought I would share my experiences with everyone. Continue reading


Animals Get Breast Cancer Too

Pets Get Breast Cancer Too 2012

October is breast cancer awareness month in humans! Did you know that dogs that were spayed after their first heat cycle have rates of breast cancer similar to human women? Every year I find several malignant and benign breast tumors in animals during annual physical exams, vaccination appointments and even this year during an appointment for a scratched eye! Continue reading