Why is my cat peeing outside the box?


Cats make wonderful companions. We tend to see these relationships between owners and cats start to deteriorate if the cat begins having accidents outside of the litter box. Anytime you notice your cat going to the bathroom outside of the litterbox the first step should be to have them seen by your veterinarian. Continue reading


Help Us Make the Right Decision…When Nature Calls

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Harry and William here and we would like to discuss a feline issue that can often be very frustrating for our two-legged family members, inappropriate urination. We meet many cats and their frustrated owners here at Stow Kent Animal Hospital when our feline friends start using the bathroom in places other than in the litterbox. This can be a very common issue amongst us cats; however there are steps that our human family members can take to help us make the right bathroom choices. Anytime that you notice your cat going to the bathroom in strange locations the first step you want to take is to have them seen by their veterinarian to rule out an underlying medical issue causing the inappropriate urination. There are many medical reasons that could cause a cat to pee out of the box such as bladder stones, urinary tract infections or urinary cystitis. These issues can be easily treated by your veterinarian and could be the solution to their urinary indiscretion. Once all medical reasons have been ruled out as the underlying cause of the inappropriate urination then it is usually attributed to a behavior problem.  Learning that it is a behavioral problem can be very disappointing and frustrating for cat owners and since we can’t tell you exactly why we feel your favorite rug is the place to use the restroom it is frustrating for us as well. To help our human friends we would like to communicate with you some of the things you can try to help us make the correct bathroom choices. Continue reading