Teeny Tiny, Creepy Crawlies – The Facts About Ticks and Lyme Disease


Written by Eric E. Brooks, DVM

It’s that time of year when Spring is in the air.  The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping.  But lurking in the shadows is a hungry predator waiting to make a meal of your pet.

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Collecting Urine and Stool Specimens

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Let’s talk about urine and stool samples! We often ask you to bring in these samples so we thought we should provide you with some EXPERT tips!

If you schedule an appointment for your pet that includes problems urinating, urinating blood, etc. then it is always best to try to collect a sample prior to your visit. If you are unable to do so then it is best to offer water prior to the visit and have pets cross their legs on their way in. If it is a cat then offering water and placing them in a carrier a half hour or so prior to your visit can help to ensure they will will have a full bladder. This way the staff is able to collect a sample if necessary.

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Separation Anxiety

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Annie lives with separation anxiety

There are many types of fears and anxieties that your pet may experience in their lifetime. One type of anxiety is separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is the fear of being alone. This can cause your dog to show undesirable behaviors while you are away and cause them personal stress. Behavioral problems associated with separation anxiety can include, but are not limited to: excessive barking, whining, destruction, digging, pacing, accidents in the house, drooling or hyperactivity. These behaviors could be a reaction to the stress of being alone and the uncertainty of your return. A pet can develop this type of anxiety at any point in their life. Possible causes could be a change in routine, major life event (new baby, death of family member, etc.), traumatic event or an underlying medical condition. When dealing with true separation anxiety it involves many factors and patience. It is important to remember that no two dogs or cats are the same. What works for one pet may not work for another pet. Continue reading

What’s the Deal with Pet Insurance?


It’s a fact of life that accidents, injuries, and illnesses will occur, and often at the worst possible times. The basic idea behind pet insurance (and all insurance, really) is that you’ll pay a fixed amount of money steadily over time to avoid having to pay a whole lot later on.  When a patient presents to us sick or injured, we would like to be able to focus on all the things necessary to make them well again.  Unfortunately, too often the decisions that are made are based on finances, and understandably so, especially during challenging economic times.  Wouldn’t it be great if we never even had to think about the cost, and could do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome?  That’s the flexibility that pet insurance provides. Continue reading

The Costs and Benefits of Food Allergy Diets

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Allergies are one of the most common complaints that we get from pet owners. Allergies are not only uncomfortable for the pet but also very frustrating for the owners. There are different types of allergies: environmental, flea and food. If you would like to do allergy testing on your pet then we can recommend a veterinary dermatologist. If you have a pet with allergies you may make frequent visits to your veterinarian with skin lesions, itchy ears, itchy feet, and anal gland issues. These pets often require an array of routine treatments and medications. In this article we would like to focus on food allergies. If your pet itches year round and cannot find relief, you may want to discuss food allergies with your veterinarian. Continue reading

Make Vet Visits Happier Starting At Home

We learned that Sofie does best with: Thundershirt, Calming Cap, non-slip mat and Peanut Butter!

We learned that Sofie does best with: Thundershirt, Calming Cap, non-slip mat and Peanut Butter!

At Stow Kent Animal Hospital, Portage Animal Clinic and Stow Falls Pet Clinic we strive to make visits to the veterinary hospital less stressful for pets and their family. We utilize many tools at the hospital to make these visits more pleasant for our patients. Some of the products that we have implemented include: pheromones, food, music, non slip mats, towels, Thundershirts and Calming Caps. There are things that owners can implement at home prior to coming to the vet to help contribute to happy vet visits. Continue reading