The Yellow Dog Project

yellow dog project2

Annie here and I would like to tell you a little bit about The Yellow Dog Project which is growing in our area. The Yellow Dog Project is an international program that is informing and educating owners about dogs needing personal space. They may requiure space because they are healing from a surgery, do not like other dogs to approach them, do not like children, are in training, or have some reason in which they require personal space. It is important for individuals to understand the significance of the ribbon so that they respect the ribbon and give the dog it’s personal space.The dogs will have a yellow ribbon tied to the end of the leash closest to the dog this symbolizes that they require space, therefore you or your dog should not be allowed to approach the dog. Please continue to share this program with your friends and family so that they are aware and respect the ribbons at the veternarian, at pet stores, or in your neighborhood. Both of our locations are yellow dog friendly. If you need a yellow ribbon for you dog then please stop into one of our locations and pick one up today.

For more information please visit:


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Stow Kent Animal Hospital

Portage Animal Clinic


yellow dog project 3

yellow dog project


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