Cat Allergies…No laughing Matter

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Hello, Gabriel here, I am Floyd’s brother and he said that I could write to you all about an important topic that affects many animals. I am a 2 year old Siamese mix kitty that loves to snuggle with people.  I wanted to talk to you a bit about allergies. I suffer from allergies myself and I would love to help inform others so that they can help their feline family members gain some relief from allergies.

It is summer and I love to look out the window. I love those fascinating fuzzies that fly through the air, I love when the windows are open and I can feel the breeze. However this time of the year itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and coughing gets the best of me!  My veterinarian diagnosed me with allergies.

Being an allergic cat is not fun. I have several types of allergies and this constantly makes me feel horrible. Did you know that cats can be allergic to all of the same environmental things that people can be allergic too? This includes grass, pollen, dust, dust mite, trees, etc.  Pets can have these environmental allergies, food allergies or both.  Even though I am strictly indoors I am still allergic to things that are outside. Mom always picks goopies from my eyes and nose. I hate when she does that. I squirm a lot to try and make it hard so maybe she will stop. My mom keeps me regulated with medication for my allergies but she says that if it gets worse then I will have to go to a dermatologist (yes, they have dermatologists for pets too). There they can give me injections to find everything that I am allergic to.  Then depending on what they find they can help me by giving me allergy injections or more medications to help me through my toughest allergy times.  Sometimes my allergies are so bad and I get so itchy that I have an asthma attack. When I have an asthma attack my mom always has to give me a steroid to take down the inflammation. An asthma attack is so scary; it’s so hard to breathe. I always need my mommy when this happens. She holds me and helps me to calm down and then gives me my medication to help me to feel better.

I also have food allergies, one would think that these are easier to manage but that is not always the case. Mom put me on a food allergy trail and found out what part of the diets that I was allergic too and now she can feed me things that I am not allergic too. My brothers get to eat in the kitchen and they get a different food than I do. They get chicken food and I have to eat beef food. Mom has to put me in the bedroom or the bathroom when she feeds me to keep me from eating some of my sibling’s food. When I get out I try to eat their food because it is so delicious. However, when I eat their food, even just a small bite, I get itchy on my feet and my eyes get really red.  That is why it is so important for pets on an allergy diet to only get the diet that their veterinarian recommends and nothing else!  I’m lucky I have her to look out for me. She even gives me special allergy treats. Food allergies are so hard to treat because I can never have anything other than MY food and treats. However when my diet is managed appropriately then it helps me to feel better.

If your cat sneezes, wheezes, coughs, itches, or has drainage from the nose and/or eyes then it is likely that they could have allergies. So if you think that you have a cat with any kind of allergy symptoms, bring them into the office so we can help them to feel better. You doctor can talk to you about the many options available to help treat your cat for allergies. Don’t forget that allergies can also affect our dog friends, many of the same symptoms apply to them as well.

Thank you for listening to my story,

Gabriel & Heather

Stow Kent Animal Hospital & Portage Animal Clinic


Check out our video by Dr. Albers discussing allergies in dogs and cats at



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