Love Is In Bloom Adoption Event

Group photo for blog Stow Kent Animal Hospital

Annie here and I would like to tell you about a great event sponsored by Stow Kent Animal Hospital who partnered with the Portage Animal Protective League to help place homeless animals in loving homes. They held their second annual adoption event which was called Loved is in Bloom.  They were blessed with sunny skies and 75 degrees. The event was held from 12pm to 4pm at Stow Kent. Dr. Brooks was available for consults and to answer questions that potential families may have had. There were both dogs and cats at the event that were looking for forever homes. The dogs got to mingle with one another, go on long walks with the Stow Kent staff and APL volunteers, they received lots of treats and love.  Some dogs even took a  swim in the duck pond.

PAPL had staff counselors and volunteers in attendance to walk dogs and introduce guests to our feline friends that were in attendance. There were APL t shirts, tank tops, umbrellas and bandanas. If you need APL gear for you or your dog then take time to visit the APL. There were booths full of literature and free giveaways. There were activities like the duck pond and the pill a cat game for children to play and win fun prizes.

There was raffle baskets and tickets were sold for a chance to win. All of the proceeds benefit the APL. Tickets will continue to be on sale for a chance to enter and win. Visit the APL to purchase tickets and submit them to win one of your favorite baskets. Some of the baskets include a free office call to Stow Kent.

The APL had an overwhelming amount of donations, they came in truck loads…literally! Thanks to those of you who donated to the APL! They received items such as: bleach, blankets, towels, food, litter, toys and much more!

We had two successful dog adoptions and one cat adoption. We wish them the best of luck in their new homes! If you have questions or concerns with your new pet feel free to contact us or the APL.

Can’t get one of the animals off your mind that you met? Interested in adopting but couldn’t make it to our event? Then if you are interested in any of the animal still available (pictures can be viewed on Facebook) then please visit the APL during regular business hours.

And….Adopt One till there are none.

Until next time,

-Annie the yellow lab

For additional information or to view pictures & adoptable animals please visit:

adoption event 3

adoption event 5

adoption event 30


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