Pets to Breathe Easier in Ohio


Today I got to be involved in a very special event. Today Stow Kent Animal Hospital and Invisible Fence Brand partnered and donated pet resuscitation mask kits to 13 local fire departments which make a total of 21 kits. Our generous clients donated 767 dollars which was donated to the Invisible Fence’s Project Breath Program so they can continue to supply departments nationwide. This was a very humbling experience. The kits were donated in my honor along with my sister Gracie.

A year ago this month Gracie and I were in a barn fire, we were trapped in kennels in a barn that was falling down around us and the courageous fire fighters helped rescue us and get us out of the barn. The Portage APL then became our caretakers and they had to find us foster homes because we were both in need of pretty extensive wound care.  We both fostered with Stow Kent Employees because they were able to scrub and debride our wounds.  It was a struggle but both of us got better and a year later we are both in great homes and are very happy! Look at me now writing blogs and working at all of Stow Kent’s events.

Through our experience the Stow Kent Staff realized that most departments in our area were not equipped with proper life saving equipment for animals. These O2 masks could have been beneficial for Gracie and me. They also learned that equipment to save animals must be donated as they are not allowed to use tax payer’s money to purchase these kits. The scary part is that it is estimated that 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires; most succumbing to smoke inhalation (Invisible Fence Brand/Project Breathe) therefore we had to do something to remedy this problem.  So, this is where the collection started. We chose to partner with Invisible Fence because they will replace the masks if they ever become damaged or destroyed and the best part they did not have a limit on how many could be donated. We would not have been able to reach out to so many different departments without the help of Invisible Fence.

Jen from Invisible Fence demonstrated for the fire fighters and they had time to practice using them on the demo dogs and cat that were also at the event. Dr. Jacobson from Stow Kent discussed oxygen rates, how to approach fearful/aggressive animals, handling (cats & dogs) how to evaluate if pet(s) need to seek further medical attention and other pet saving tips. She worked with the fire fighters as they practiced during the training session.

The money that our clients generously donated was also donated by the Stow Kent Staff to Invisible Fence. We had a great turn out and many media outlets got to hear our story. I hear I might be on the news!

Participating departments that now have Pet O2 masks on board are as follows; Atwater Fire Department, Bath Fire Department, City of Kent, City of Tallmadge Fire Department, Edinburg Township Fire Department, Mantua-Shalersville Fire District, Munroe Falls Fire Department, Ravenna Fire Department, Streetsboro Fire Department, Stow Fire Department, Suffield Township Fire Department, Twinsburg Fire Department, and Valley Fire District

Thanks to all my Heroes and thank you to our clients and Invisible Fence Brand who helped us donate these kits so fire departments can better serve our furry companions… a cause which is near and dear to our hearts here at Stow Kent Animal Hospital.

Annie & Amanda Siciliano

Stow Kent Animal Hospital


For more information regarding Project Breathe visit their website at:

ImageAnnie Bug herself

ImageAnnie reunited with one of the fire fighters who saved her


Stow Kent Animal Hospital Staff


The entire group after the demonstration

For more pictures from today’s event please visit our album on Facebook

To see media coverage about our donation event please visit the following links:
19 Action News


Our Webpage


2 thoughts on “Pets to Breathe Easier in Ohio

  1. I was honored to be able to take part and lend some assistance with this undertaking. The members of the Stow Kent animal hospital staff that put this event on did a great job! It was good to see such a great turnout for the event, I think we all walked away with some great information and equipment. Thanks also to the Invisible Fence company for all of their support and donations!

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