Dr. Lindsey’s Farewell

Dr. Lindsey
I would like to take a moment to let everyone know how sad I am to say goodbye to one of my doctors, Dr. Michelle Lindsey. Dr. Lindsey started in October of 2006 and will be departing the Stow Kent Animal Hospital & Portage Animal Clinic family today, January 5, 2013. During her entire stay here with us at the hospital, she has lived in Cleveland.

The drive is getting to be too far and she will be a lot closer to her home now. She is a terrific doctor and the entire staff including myself will miss her! Dr. Lindsey was recognized by the staff for her low stress handling of pets. They also refer to her as the Cat Whisperer. Some of her other passions include pet dental care, nutrition, and weight management. Like many of her patients I am going to miss seeing her at the office when I come in for a visit or come to work with my mommy. Dr. Lindsey wanted to let everyone know that she is very sad that she has to leave and she will miss the staff, doctors, clients, and our patients. On behalf of the Stow Kent doctors and staff we would like to wish you good luck in this new chapter of your career.


Stow Kent Animal Hospital

Floyds Goodbye


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