New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Year Pic 2015

 New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the past year with family/friends and ring in a new year with hopes that it will be a year full of good health and prosperity. This night can be a wonderful time of celebration but as pets we can tell you that it can also be hazardous and stressful for animals. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you bring in the New Year!

1) Much like during the 4th of July Fireworks, gunfire and other loud noises of celebration can frighten us pets and be very stressful. Make sure you keep your pet in a secure location so that they do not run away out of fear when they hear any of these loud noises. We would probably also appreciate having a TV or a radio playing while you are away to help block out some of these noises!

2) Make sure that your pet has clear identification tags and/or a microchip. This can be essential if your pet accidentally escapes with all of the comings and goings of relatives and friends. Having an obvious ID tag on our collars is the quickest way to get us home in a timely manner if we get lost!

3) Lots of new people in the house can also provide added anxiety and fear for us as pets. Give us a safe place to hide that will be easily accessible where we can relax and de-stress. A covered cage with a soft blanket inside is a good place for us to get away from foot traffic or an empty bedroom with our favorite bed is a great place to help us feel secure.

4) Keep alcoholic drinks away from your pets. Sugary alcoholic drinks and beer can be enticing to pets especially one that has been left unattended on the floor or spilled. These drinks can be toxic to your pets so it is important to keep them away from your four-legged companions. (Sometimes we just can’t help it, it looks just as tasty to us as it did to you!)

5) Serve your guests in a location that your pet cannot get at it and make sure that your guests know to not set paper plates or napkins down anywhere except the trash since the remnants of food left on these can be especially tasty for us pets. Fatty table food can cause stomach upset and a serious condition known as Pancreatitis in dogs. We have seen many pets that got into the trash and ended up needing foreign body surgery and we know that probably isn’t in your budget for the New Year!

We hope this advice helps keep pets like us safe while we celebrate and ring in the New Year! We wish you all a safe and Happy new Year!

Stow Kent Animal Hospital



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