Animals Get Breast Cancer Too

Pets Get Breast Cancer Too 2012

Pets Get Breast Cancer Too 2012

October is breast cancer awareness month in humans! Did you know that dogs that were spayed after their first heat cycle have rates of breast cancer similar to human women? Every year I find several malignant and benign breast tumors in animals during annual physical exams, vaccination appointments and even this year during an appointment for a scratched eye! Continue reading

Feline Urinary Blockage

Chevy for blocked cat post stow kent animal hospital

Annie here and I would like to tell you about my brother who had a recent stay at Stow Kent Animal Hospital. My mom was concerned because he had a couple small accidents around the litter box; he was squatting to urinate and only a small dribble would come out. He wasn’t as outgoing/friendly as he typically is and he had a decreased appetite. My mom noticed these signs right away and called our vet Dr. Jacobson. Continue reading

Allergies in Dogs and Cats


“My dog won’t stop scratching!” is one of the most common issues presented to veterinarians in our exam rooms. Ranging from “just a bit more itchy than normal” to “keeping me up at night due to constant itching”, we see it all. And the hardest part is that it can be VERY tricky to determine exactly what the underlying cause of that itch might be. One of the more common reasons (among many) for itching includes allergic disease, the topic of our discussion in this blog. Continue reading

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Stow Kent Pictures from KSU Student Kitty 3

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck of mammals that is responsible for the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones act like an overseer on a work site and, when it isn’t working properly, the workers (or in this case, organs) either stop working as hard as they need to or they work so hard they eventually break down.

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Is It Too Cold In Here, Or Is It Just Me? – Basic Reptile, Amphibian and Aquatic Husbandry

SKAH exotic husbandry blog 3

While many people think “husbandry” is the act of being a good husband, it actually refers to the science of properly housing and feeding animals.  As an exotic pet veterinarian, over 90% of the diseases I diagnose are directly related to improper environmental conditions or diet.  As most exotic pets are not native to Northern Ohio, it’s important to create an environment that closely mimics their native habitat.  To do this well requires a great deal of research.

This blog is not intended to be an all-inclusive “how to” guide, rather it is intended to highlight the key areas where I see the most problems arise.  Reptile, amphibian and fish medicine is still in its infancy.  As new information arises from the scientific community, these recommendations may change. Continue reading

Exotic Pets – Finding the Perfect Match

SKAH blog tortoise  SKAH blog Dr. Brooks snake ratsblue bandanda day event 2012

The world of exotic pets is exciting and fascinating.  With the various pet shows and on-line vendors, the exotic pet world is exploding with new possibilities.  Far too often people become enamored with the idea of an exotic pet, but don’t truly realize what they’re in for.  This blog is dedicated to helping you find the ideal exotic pet for your family.

Here are some very important considerations before purchasing your exotic pet: Continue reading

Blue Bandana Day to benefit Happy Trails


Blue Bandana Day-Sunday, March 16, 2014 2:00pm-4:00pm.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary recently had a fire on their property. Now they need our help to heal and rebuild. Wonder how you can make a difference? Bring your pet(s) in for a nail trim and help them rebuild. The proceeds of the nail trims will be donated to Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary. All participating pets will receive a blue bandana as a thank you for helping friends in need.

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